Founder and CEO

Having over thirteen years of experience working as a mentor in a multitude of settings, Chelsey has fallen in love with the vitality of development and transfiguration of community organizations.  She has studied Psychology at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey where she received her Bachelor of Science. She then continued her studies receiving her Master’s in Education. In addition, Miss Brunson has completed the educational requirements for the License of Professional Counseling. Presently Miss Brunson is receiving her Doctoral degree in Higher Education and will graduate with her EDD, summer of 2021.

Chelsey has diligently studied the high demand of development for institutions and organizations. The content areas leading in her research and profession are behavioral science, management, leadership, psychology, sociology, anthropology, counseling, and public administration.

Formerly working in both Public and Private School Systems, state owned agencies, and has served as a program/curriculum developer, organizational consultant, and grant specialist for the past ten years through-out the state of New Jersey. Chelsey has assisted in the launching churches, non-profit organizations, youth programs, educational institutions, and a plethora of businesses. As an Organizational Development Consultant, Grant Specialist and Curriculum Developer, Chelsey has researched, studied, and evaluated the structures for organizations, the skills necessary to value humanism, and the importance of guiding change agents to assist in organizational advancement.

Having a true passion is to help nurture the development of our communities by assisting in the enhancement of organizations. By offering her expertise and quality education, Miss Brunson provides strategic planning, assessment, application processing, research, budgeting, curriculum development/program development, fiscal planning, grant writing, data analysis, and operational development.

 Miss Brunson is fully devoted to organizational transformation.